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Shana’s Event Catering
Shana’s Event Catering

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 Food is my Love Language

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My passion for food began at a very early age.  As a young girl in upstate New York, my grandmother would spend most days teaching me that cooking was so much more than ingredients or full bellies.  Mama would call me to the stove and hand me a spoon to taste the meals.  I'd have to give my best seven year old expertise; if a little more of this or a little less of that was needed.  Quickly, I came to realize that food and cooking was, in fact, a real love language.  There is something magical that happens when you get to see someone enjoying a meal that you've prepared for them.  A face expression can say it all.  A few Mmm's and Oohh's in between bites; it's all priceless really.  Everything I've every learned in the kitchen is because of my incredible grandmother.  Without her guidance and love, none of this would be possible today.  My hope is that with each and every bite you take; you feel love.

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